My PDF scan, on Microsoft Word prints blank?

Answer wipe the glass of the scanner and try to scan it again

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On microsoft word, how do you get rid of the blank pages at the end of a document?

Go to end of document before start of blank pages. Hold down the Ctrl button while depressing the Down Arrow button. This will quickly take you to physical end of document. Release both buttons and... Read More »

How do I delete a blank page in Microsoft Word?

Click on the blank Microsoft Word page that you wish to delete. Click towards the top of the blank page in order to place the cursor tool inside the file. Hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard unti... Read More »

How to Print a Blank Page in Microsoft Word 2007?

If you want to print a blank page after a section on your Word 2007 document, it takes little time to do so. Microsoft Word has an option for you to insert a blank page after any page in your docu... Read More »

How to Scan Documents to Microsoft Word & Revise?

Scanning documents into Microsoft Word in a manner that allows you to revise them is simple, but it is entirely dependent on the scanning software you have available. Most modern scanners include o... Read More »