My PC won't shut down?

Answer Simplest Trick To Shut Down Windows In Under 5 SecondsIf you work on windows , you know that shutting it down can be really a hassle and time taking , especially when a lot of programs are running ... Read More »

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My Computer wont shut down! why?

Hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds.

My computer just shut down and it wont turn back on, what should i do?

If your battery is dead that would caused what you described.Solution- Charge the batteryIf the battery is bad take it out and plug in the AC adapter.I have an Acer Aspire the battery was bad and m... Read More »

USB cable got pulled out and comp shut down. It wont start back up was beeping that stop what could the prob b?

Bad news: Your motherboard is probably fried. The USB bus has 2.5 to 5 volts running through it. The users at my work fried a server's mobo by setting a table leg on a USB cable (if you've never... Read More »

Why wont it shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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