My PC shuts down after few seconds on loading a game,after i restart the monitor resolution changes to minimum?

Answer I suggest that you update your drivers and try another game. If the other game does not crash your computer, it was the settings for the previous game that crashed your computer. ... Read More »

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Should a front loading washing machine repeatedly agitate for a few seconds and then pause for a few seconds throughout the washing cycle instead of agitating continuously?

Answer It depends on the model. I really don't know how many do and how many do not. Every one I've worked with in my positions as laundry attendant have done it.

My wireless internet shuts on and off every minute sometimes (though only for 15 seconds or so) what is wrong?

If you have a another Wireless Access Point near you then it may be channel conflict.try to change the channel of your WAPHave a nice surfing :)

How can I keep desktop icons on my secondary monitor from moving back to primary monitor on restart?

See if your graphics card came with software to allow you to customize your desktop (eg. Nvidia's control panel). It may help you manage multiple monitors.

Computer Screen / Monitor Shuts Off On Its Own! Help!?

Go go 'Control Panel'>'Display', then 'screensaver'. At the bottom, there is a 'Power' button. Click on that and then see what your settings are. If your monitor is on 'hybernate' or 'turn off' ... Read More »