My PC says memory near full. how do i fix it?

Answer go to My Computer, right click C: and go properties, niw sekect disk cleanup, then remove everything you can, none of it can harm your system... Otherwise you need to find something you no longer n... Read More »

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Is the weight of a empty memory card and memory Full is same ?

This is an interesting question, but the question should refer to 'mass' rather than weight.If there is a difference in energy required to have a '1' or a '0', then the answer is clear (yes, becaus... Read More »

My Computer's memory is almost full. HELP!?

Save the important stuff to cd then re-install windows. It will erase everything but windows just like when it was new. You will have at least 35 gigs free space. Also it rids you of all virus and ... Read More »

My memory is full what can i do to fixed the problem.?

deleteing your calls, text messages etc. won't help because there in reserved internal memory which the phone cannot access to store photo's :) so you either need to delete a few photo's you alread... Read More »

Computer Memory Abbreviations and Full Meanings?

Computer memory refers to the computer components that temporarily store program and document data while the computer is used. RAM and ROM represent the main types of computer memory.