My PC keeps turning off. Any ideas.?

Answer Well... seems too long for a data glitch.... ever opened the case and got the dust out? May be overheating.... best way is to blow it out with air... from a vacuum or canned air under pressur... Read More »

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Im turning 20 and need ideas on what to do somewhere in La?

It is great that you are going out will be great if you find good place as you want but you can arrange at home and trust me it works best as i did in my 21st . See when your parents are out f... Read More »


I don't think you should go to the mall to be honest... Invite your friends to a hotel and swim and have a party,and go to the mall and shop ect. But I just don't think you should have your whole p... Read More »

Turning 16. party ideas.?

I'm turning 16 too! Just in august tho! What I'm doing is a survivor sweet 16. What I'm doing is on this website:…Also some challenges I added are: Challe... Read More »

Ideas for Turning a Garage Into a Bedroom?

The garage can be the answer for a teen who wants his or her privacy or an invited guest who needs a place to lay their head. Conversion of a garage into a bedroom is a less complicated task than a... Read More »