My PC keeps turning off. Any ideas.?

Answer Well... seems too long for a data glitch.... ever opened the case and got the dust out? May be overheating.... best way is to blow it out with air... from a vacuum or canned air under pressur... Read More »

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My computer screen keeps turning blue and turning itself off?

That is exactly what happens to my computer. There really isn't anything I know you can do. I just keep restarting my computer whenever that happens.

My PC keeps turning on and off?

did you overclock? sounds like the overclock isn't stable. and 60 degrees in bios means you are overheating your computer. as a desktop you cpu should be idling at about 45 celcius on the HIGH en... Read More »

Monitor keeps turning on and off?

Same electronic device means nothing lol been finding that out with my phone, same type as and bought at same time as both parents, it's screwing up bad. Could be the connection to the video card, ... Read More »

Help my PC keeps turning off?

After all the keebabs and cider you've spilled on it I'm not surprised!!!Sorry about your problem (problems) val - if you know what I mean - one can be supported by tea and sympathy (this I can do)... Read More »