My PC is not shutting down, what to do?

Answer Install a good anti virus and scan your computer. It will resolve it. Earlier I had faced the same problem. when I scanned with anti virus then there was some virus, I deleted it and now it is runn... Read More »

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Nikon SB 800 flash shutting down when I use Quantum battery or if I pump up the power It will just stop working after about 100 flashes. it works without shutting down when I just use the 4 batteries?

While shutting down my PC, my computer screen got upside down. Is it a virus ?

try pressing CTRl + ALT+ plus signCTRl + ALT+ minus signCTRl + ALT+ pg up signCTRl + ALT+ pg down signit did solve when i had a problem. it is definately a virus attack. run AVG free scanner or un... Read More »

My computer has not been shutting down properly what should I do?

There are a few things you could do. Call Compaq Assistance, re boot the computer,Do fragmentation, and eliminate as many websites as you can. as well as temporary files, which you don't need. Your... Read More »

What exactly happens when a computer is shutting down?

Actually a hell of a lot goes on but basically:1. Closes all applications and any files those applications have open (you may be given opportunity to save files)2. Shuts down all services not requi... Read More »