My PC has 128MB RAM.can i replace the 128MB RAM with a 512 MB RAM card?

Answer well your motherboard is the sole question.some are too old to handle too much.i'd say you might be able to though if you couldnt, you could try 256mb.make sure to get the right kind as well, and d... Read More »

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Is the EVGA GeForce FX 5200 128MB AGP 8x/4x video card compatible with Quake 4?

All NVIDIA GeForce FX cards are compatible with Quake 4, including the EVGA GeForce FX 128 MB AGP 8x/4x card. Minimum system requirements for NVIDIA cards are 64 MB of video RAM running on the GeFo... Read More »

What is a 128MB video card?

A 128MB video card has 128 megabytes of memory exclusively for videos and graphics. This is in contrast to shared graphics memory that uses a computer's RAM to display videos. A video card with its... Read More »

How many pictures can fit on a 128MB SD card?

The number of pictures that can fit on your 128 megabyte SD card depends on the resolution of the photos, according to Microsoft. A 3-megapixel camera can fit about 184, but an SD card can only sto... Read More »

Is 128MB memory graphics card better?

That is not too bad but certainly not good enough to play the more graphics intensive games nowadays. You should be shooting for at least 256MB at this point in time. I'd recommend 512MB to play al... Read More »