My PC goes slowly , how to make it fast?

Answer Delete temp files, cache, history and cookies defragment your pc about once a month...start, programs, accessories, system tools, defragment.http://www.safer-networking.... Read More »

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Is it healthier to eat food slowly or fast (slow or fast side)?

eat food slowly by chewing well as it helps in digestion also if u eat slowly you dont overeat

What do you call it when a race car goes into the pit lane too fast?

When a race car enters pit lane too quickly it is called speeding. All tracks have speed limits and rules, as do the different racing circuits, such as NASCAR and Formula 1. Penalties for speeding ... Read More »

Who gets ticketed more, the driver who goes too fast or too slow on the freeway?

The one speeding because the cops bring in revenue for that.It is about money, NOT safety, when it comes down to it.I've never seen anyone get ticketed for going too slow.

How to Make Time Go More Slowly?

Sometimes you feel like you just wish time would slow down, either so you can enjoy something more, or because you feel you are missing out on opportunities an life, because it seems like it's pass... Read More »