My Outside Water Line to the Sprinkler Is Leaking?

Answer Sprinkler lines deliver pressurized water to a control valve and on to your sprinkler heads. If the supply line to your system develops a leak, it's important to fix it right away to prevent the pi... Read More »

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How to Fix a Leaking Automatic Sprinkler?

Automatic sprinklers are a convenient way to keep your lawn and garden watered on a regular and timely basis, but a leaking sprinkler can cause excessive water to flow from the sprinkler head and o... Read More »

Leaking in Sprinkler Backflow Valves?

Backflow prevention devices are designed to keep water inside an irrigation system from running back into the main line. These devices are important safety measures that are required by code in mos... Read More »

How to Get Air out of a Sprinkler System Line?

Irrigation systems are designed to transport water to various parts of your lawn, so that you may supply the lawn with water without dragging hoses and sprinklers around yourself. The water in the ... Read More »

How to Repair a Broken Sprinkler Line?

Loss of pressure, geysers, dry spots and overly saturated areas are but a few of the problems associated with broken sprinkler lines. So cast off the yoke of overpriced landscapers, gather together... Read More »