My New LG TV Makes a Buzzing Noise?

Answer When you buy a new TV, the last thing you want to deal with is audio problems such as buzzing noises. On your LG TV, buzzing noises can disrupt sound output and be annoying. The causes of buzzing n... Read More »

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I have an old Teisco Del Rey guitar that makes a fuzzy/buzzing noise.?

can't say for certain but there is usually a small screw above and below the pickup you loosen or tighten to move the pickup up/down.the buzzing is likely from a bad ground. that could be anywhere ... Read More »

When my pc is turned on it makes a loud buzzing noise then stops. Whats the problem?

Probably one of the fans, if it's not beeping.Might be a CD ROM drive. Check and see if anything is in there... it usually starts during boot and stops after boot.

Microwave makes loud buzzing noise and flashes bright light when I turn it on.. is it broken?

Why isn't my iphone making any noises the only noise it makes is when my iPod songs are on but no noise when calls no noise when texts and no noise with games what do you think is wrong with it?

on the side of your iphone make sure that the slide button is not orange make sure it is either white or gray...if it is orange slide it the other way...when it is orange it is on viberate...also m... Read More »