My Mower Is Grinding in Reverse?

Answer A grinding noise when your lawnmower is in reverse could indicate a component failure within your mower or mean that you forgot to pull the correct lever. Carefully inspect the mower to determine t... Read More »

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Yard machine lawn mower won't go in reverse.?

Not knowing what model, how old it is or how it is maintained I can only suggest checking the linkage to see if it's loose or a pin is missing. It may also need repair or lubrication.You can also ... Read More »

My riding mower will not shift into reverse or low gear?

Try oiling the shift and brake/clutch linkage. They may be stuck from rust.

Mower choke swings from-open to close-on its own while holding the safety handle-bar "ON" as mower is running?

I guess you tried all the other stuff? Did the little spring come off ,get stretched out, or has something stuck in it? That will make it run the way you describe.Yeah, I know what you mean. Like... Read More »

My lawn mower makes a squealing sound when my mower deck?

Easy fix. Under the deck, where the blades are attached to the spindle. Look just above the blade. You'll find a grease point that needs to be greased once a month. It looks like this. http://akmsh... Read More »