My Monitor switches off after 2 seconds when i am starting up my computer?

Answer Few things to check - make sure that your monitor is connected to the correct port - if you have a graphix card make sure that the monitor is plugged into the bottom port - does this solve the prob... Read More »

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My monitor keeps going black for a couple seconds.?

First off, check your video cable is snug and secure at both ends. Secondly, check your graphics card is seated snug in its bracket.It is likely that your monitor is losing video signal, and revert... Read More »

High-quality CPR includes starting compressions within how many seconds after recognition of cardiac arrest in?

CRT Monitor 1996 loads up desktop start screen then flashes and switches off?

Try pressing the function key and simultaneously the F5 key on your desktop computer. On my machine, the F5 key enables you to switch to alternate screens. On my machine, if I press the F5 key once... Read More »

How do you keep the monitor on a Nikon D40 camera from turning off after 4 seconds?