My Mom keeps tagging me on Facebook?

Answer She probably likes the photos and feels the rest of the world will too. It is best to ask her not to any more as it draws unwanted attention to you. If she persists inform Facebook. You might want... Read More »

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How to Use Facebook Tagging?

On Facebook, you can tag friends and fan pages on photos, wall posts, comments and status updates. At the time of publication, tagging is enabled on Facebook personal profiles by default. On a Face... Read More »

A question about "tagging" on facebook...?

tagging a photo, doesnt put it in an album that you created. it just goes under photos of (your name).the reason why it says "requested tag" because the owner of the picture, has the settings on, s... Read More »

HOw do I keep people from tagging their selves in my photos on Facebook?

Go to privacy settings>> Timeline & Tagging>> make the last option as "no one". then no one can tag your photos

How do I share a youtube video on facebook while also tagging someone?

Hi!Just copy the link of the video on YouTube page, them go to your FB profile and where you going to write paste it and will we there, them write the person name (your friend) you will see automa... Read More »