My Minecraft Won't load?

Answer Here's what you do:Admit to yourself that Minecraft is a pointless waste of human energy and forget about it. There are literally millions of more productive things you can do with your life.

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How do you load servers on minecraft?

Hey i really dont have an idea about saving.... sorry but do u have staff members? cause i would like to be one.... im a pretty well build and work good with IGN is seifsherif97

If collecting Short Term Disability from employer because they wont accommodate light work load from Dr note can you get second part time job with light work load and still collect STD?

Answer Is the employer the DI company (self insured) or is there a DI company? Ultimately you would need to ask the claims department.

Minecraft wont work properly?

Really odd. Might be just the current version of minecraft being laggy. There is a mod that helps with that issue. Forgot what its called its like opti- ...something.

MInecraft wont work on my Windows Xp pc?

It means you have a bad video card driver.