My Macbook Pro turns off when unplugged ):?

Answer The prob could probably be in the battery or in the settings of your computer.If you think it's the battery, try using that battery with other identical Macbook (must be an exactly the same Macboo... Read More »

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Internet keeps saying "a cable is unplugged" but the cable isn't unplugged?

No, the Internet is not saying a cable is unplugged. The Internet is a worldwide network of computers, and doesn't say ANYTHING."it was not like this before"Before... WHAT? What happened? Knowin... Read More »

Does a powered usb hub work when unplugged?

No. A USB port can transfer approximately 5 volts of energy; however, once the source is disconnected, the hub device will no longer function. While the hub acts a portal, the energy is dispersed t... Read More »

How long should a laptop battery last when it is unplugged?

Yes streaming videos and playing games while the laptop is unplugged will definitely drain the battery faster!Most laptops can run for at least 1 hr off just the battery. However there are many oth... Read More »

What does it mean when it says network cable unplugged?

Make sure that the cables are connected securely to both your network card, and the wall jack/modem. If that doesnt work, then you should look at the link light on your modem, is it green or flashi... Read More »