My Lip was bleeding alot. What just happened?

Answer It doesn't really make sense that it started bleeding for no reason but if it isn't bleeding anymore then there's no need to go to the hospital. Don't worry, you're absolutely fine.

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I'm bleeding analy ALOT.?

Anus bleeding alot today?

They may do X-rays and maybe carefully look (and I put extreme emphasis on careful - they're not rough at all). The paramedics probably won't be needed since that's usually for cases where immediat... Read More »

I cut my wrist on glass and im bleeding ALOT?

Put a clean cloth on it and keep continuous pressure on it. Go to the emergency room or a walk-in clinic. You may need stitches.

What do i do if my Ingrown toenail is swollen and bleeding alot?

You wind the toe with a cloth wet with thick salty solution which you have to prepare by dissolving two table spoon of common salt and water and boiling it. After cooling wet the cloth tie it very ... Read More »