My Linksys Wireless-B Media Link WEP Won't Connect?

Answer Installing wireless networking with WEP encryption is a fairly straightforward process, but occasionally something can go wrong. In that case, the best bet for fixing the problem is to physically r... Read More »

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How do I connect a Linksys wireless-g?

Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into your Internet modem and the other end into your Linksys Wireless-G router. Plug one end of a second Ethernet cord into your computer's Ethernet port and the o... Read More »

How to Connect My USB Modem to My Linksys Wireless Router?

A USB modem allows you to connect products such as printers and scanners to multiple computers on the network. However, some modems do have Ethernet cable connections. With this cable connection it... Read More »

How to Connect the Xbox 360 Wireless to a Linksys Router?

The Xbox 360 can connect to the Internet to allow the player to access the Xbox LIVE services. Players can meet and chat with others and join them in games on the Xbox LIVE network. You can set up ... Read More »

How do I connect my USB modem to my Linksys wireless router?

Plug the Linksys Wireless Router into the ModemUnplug the modem to turn it off. The modem should stay connected to the Internet. If the computer is connected to the modem, unplug the network cable ... Read More »