My Lil Sis is Worried She's 12 and still has not gotten "IT" (FEMALES ONLY!)?

Answer Reassure her that we all develop at different rates and that other girls will ALWAYS find something to make a BIG DEAL out of or even pick on her. Teach her to NOT react when others are fools this... Read More »

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Bit worried Females only please thanks?

My baby's head accidentally dropped at the floor and i heard a hard impact she cried but no bumps. after a minute shes ok but im still worried is that safe for my baby?

take her to the ER to get a brain scan. i would guess not but i would go just to make sure.

I have just gotten a clear bump on my face should I be worried?

I think you should go to the doctor.Discover additional info and products from my blog regarding Clogged Pores.

My daughter has recently gotten into the elmo scene at her school. Should I be worried about her mental health?

Well, if she starts wearing skinny red furry jeans, tight sesame street t-shirts, and cutting herself with crayons, I would say she is taking this "elmo" thing too far and you should call in a ment... Read More »