My Left hand has been asleep for two day any idea of what's wrong?

Answer Sometimes people have poor circulation (thus causing the hand being "asleep" )due carpal tunnel. Contact your doctor.

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What is wrong with Morgan Freeman's left hand. Saw him on the Jay Leno show and he did not use his left hand. Looked like there was a glove on it?

His hand was paralyzed in a car accident in 2008. Surgery to correct the paralysis has failed. The glove is to keep the swelling down.

I've been bitten by a person, and i have not been able to do anything with my hand today, whats happened?

its just a normal response of your body to the injury caused by the bite. may it be a bite or you have jammed on the door and accidentally prick it.... the body responds by inducing inflammation. ... Read More »

What's wrong with his left hand?

Whats wrong with my hand?

Sounds like exhaustion.Drink lots of water & get some sleep, young lady!