My Leaking Toilet is Rotting the Wood Underneath?

Answer A leaking toilet can cause some serious water damage to a property, beyond just cascading through the ceiling of the room below the bathroom. If the water damage goes unnoticed or is unaddressed fo... Read More »

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Which way do you twist the valve underneath the toilet to turn off the water Left or right facing toilet?

How do I prevent a composite wood deck from rotting?

InstallationSelect a composite wood deck that the manufacturers made with a zinc preservative to prevent the wood cells from rotting. When you install the deck, leave gaps between the boards to all... Read More »

Do you like to have your toilet paper roll over the top or from underneath?

Always roll from the top. When rolled from underneath, the fingers contact the wall/tiles/brickwork, this is a cause of cross contamination with multi-users. After all, who EVER disinfects the area... Read More »

Toilet Water Valve Leaking?

The toilet's water supply valve allow you to turn the water to the toilet on or off. Corrosion and deterioration between the metal parts of a supply valve will cause the valve to leak. A leaking wa... Read More »