My Laser Eye Surgery Website - Please Read?

Answer according to my analysis your website isn't slow. its just made on flash so, it depends on users internet speed.My internet speed is high so i can load your website very quickly.But if you still wa... Read More »

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Should my grandpa go for a bypass surgery Please read the details, I beg....?

If he already had attacks then please follow doctors advice.After bypass surgery he will become weak and will need a lot of rest.So ensure that there is always a person to take care of him.

Question about lasik surgery please read and answer.?

It is hard to tell if you are a whiner or have legitimate complaints. You should be going back to the LASIK center where you had your procedure done. You should tell them about what is not working.... Read More »

I want to create my own website please read?

This website is a free service for creating high-impact graphics websites, animations, flash presentations and slide shows ,directly online and without downloading any softw... Read More »

Do you have to wear retainers forever at night if you have Orthognathic surgery (Please Read Below)?

the ugly truth is that after any orthodontic treatment, you have to wear retainers for life!! it does not matter if it's a simple ortho case or a complex surgical case. permanent retainers can be... Read More »