My Laptop won't shutdown.?

Answer you could and a disc clean up and a defrag followed by a virus scan then turn it offworked on my desktop,I had some viruses

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Why wont my laptop shutdown or restart when prompt to?

Try this Shut pc down-turn on power-repeat tapping F8-when black screen with white letters appear select Fix My Computer -press Enter-On next option select Systems Restore-follow prompts reconnect ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Laptop Shutdown When Closing the Lid on an XP?

Laptops are intended to rely heavily on battery power. In an effort to prolong battery life, laptop manufacturers have developed several power saving features. These features are designed to limit... Read More »

Keeping my laptop shutdown for 3 months ,help pls ?

you should shut it down completely and then remove the battery from it. Dont ever select hibernate as ive seen far to many people have serious problems resuming from a hibernation state.

Why does my laptop shutdown after a couple of minutes?

A hard disk is not you ram, it is you hard drive. It means you need to replace you hard drive in your laptop there for loosing everything you had on there. Try if you can to quickly copy and paste ... Read More »