My Laptop Won't Recharge?

Answer A laptop battery provides power to the laptop when it's not plugged into an electrical outlet. When the laptop battery won't recharge, it reduces the portability of the laptop and limits where the ... Read More »

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Can you recharge a camera battery from a laptop?

No. It's impossible, unless some wonderful invention is invented.

Why does my laptop battery only last for one hour but take several hours to recharge?

battery is losing charge and needs to be replaced, mine hasn't gotten so bad that its not able to boot without being plugged into wall.

How long does it take to recharge the battery on an inspiron 600m laptop?

The Dell Inspiron M600 battery takes approximately one hour to charge when the battery is completed discharged. This is assuming that the laptop is turned off, which allows for faster charging. Acc... Read More »

Why wont your headphones work in your laptop I plug in my headphones and only the laptop speakers play?