My LG chocolates screen turned white what do i do ?

Answer On my LG-C, it never did that. Call up a verizon store,, have em fix it.

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HELP!!! laptop screen turned white?

My computer screen turned yellow....the white is yellow....and i cant change it back ....whats wrong with it..?

Check the cable connection from your monitor to the computer. If it is not connected properly it can cause your screen to change colors trust me.

My discharge has turned more White?

That happened to me a month before I got my first period. Yes it is coming soon don't worry :)

Do flat screen TVs use power when they are turned off?

Unless its power cord is unplugged or its power strip is turned off, a flat screen television runs on a "Standby Mode" and still uses a small amount of power.References:Flat Panel TV: Power Saving ... Read More »