My LG Xenon's Screen Is Flickering?

Answer Your LG Xenon's touchscreen is probably the most important component on the device, as it allows you to interface with the smartphone. If the screen starts flickering, your Xenon can become useless... Read More »

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My Laptop screen is flickering?

Boot to safe mode, go to device manager and display adapter, uninstall driver or update it or roll back. Reboot normally and see if it is better, then adjust resolution to whatever is correct for ... Read More »

How do I stop my computer screen from flickering or going dim?

Yea as the others have said, You need a new Monitor, If You and I lived closer i would give you one, I have Two in Storage that are Working, they are the old type but they work, Reason i don't need... Read More »

How Do I Fix a Flickering Dell Latitude Screen?

Flickering computer screens are a sign of trouble, but the problem could be in a variety of locations. Depending on the source, you may have to replace your video card, buy a new screen, install a ... Read More »

Laptop - left hand side of screen flickering?

It could be something to do with the LCD in the screen. Take it to the shop and ask them if they can fix it.