My LAN connection max. speed 350 kbps even if the LAN connection is said to be 100mbps?

Answer They all have valid things to say. However, the problem will be a mixture of the answers. I do not know if this will help or not, but think of this. You are sending a constant stream of trucks f... Read More »

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How to Increase My Speed in a 256 KBPS Connection?

Internet connection speed matters a great deal even if you’re not downloading something in particular, but simply browsing the Internet. Windows reserves 20 percent of your 256 Kbps bandwidth for... Read More »

Download speed of 512 kbps cable internet connection?

To determine ur "real download potential", u just got 2 convert ur kbitsps to kBytesps.This is simply done by dividing it by 8 (8bits=1Byte). 512kilobits per second = 64kiloBytes per second so if u... Read More »

Do you think 300 Kbps is good speed for a broadband connection, good answerer will be get 10 points.?

That speed, 300 kbps, will be good enough for browsing the web, but is not good enough for downloading much in my opinion. You'll get about 30 kB / s, which means that a file that's 5 MB will take ... Read More »

I want to take internet connection, giving 24 hours surfing and fast downloading 100mbps?

I have mtnl broadband and it's working fine. One advantage is that most of the telephone connections are those of mtnl and so it's easier to be installed.