My Kyocera FS1920 only prints BLACK pages! Why is that It never happened before.?

Answer It could be any of a number of reasons.I tried to get the service manual to determine how this printer writes the image, but couldn't get one easily.Here's some ideas that I've seen or heard of cau... Read More »

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My lexmark printer only prints out solid black pages?

It could be with the settings on the browser you're using. Make sure not to print background colors and images.

My HP Deskjet F4400 prints only blank pages except when I print test pages or alignment pages!!?

Can you be pregnant if you started spotting before your period and this never happened before and when it does it only last 1 and a half day?

Answer That can be a sign of pregnancy, but it can also be just spotting. Take a home pregnancy test or go see a doctor for a blood test.

How do you fix it so that your printer only prints in black and white?

Well, when you open the document you want to print, go to File >> Print. In the window that will open you will see a button "properties", click it, and then pick a "color" tab. There you will see a... Read More »