My Kodak ESP 3 Printer says no ink when i put in new ink.?

Answer Take out the cartridges, power the printer Off (remove power cord if necessary), reinstall the cartridges & try it again. It may take a couple of tries for them to work. If that didn't work, the el... Read More »

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I ave a photosmart C4280 printer. when i try to scan something the printer says usb not connected whats wrong?

check the wires in the back. obviously there must be something not connected or loose

What Is Wrong if My Kodak Printer Has Purple Hues When Printing Photographs?

When your Kodak printer is printing images with the wrong color cast, several different things can be wrong with it. However, they all lead to the same essential problem: the printer does not know ... Read More »

What do I do when a printer says it has a paper jam but it does not have one?

open the paper tray some times there is something small in there that may be jamming it if that doesn't work turn it off then turn it back on

Why does my printer, print blank pages When it says i have ink.?

If you haven't used the printer in awhile, the printheads may be clogged with ink. Try running the printhead cleaning utility for the printer to see if that will clear it. If not, take out the cart... Read More »