My Jaw locked up and wouldn't open, what could be the cause.?

Answer dr?

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What is a locked open ball valve?

A locked open ball valve refers to a valve that has an external lock mechanism attached to the valve while in the open position. Using lockouts on ball valves reduces the chance of mistakenly closi... Read More »

What could cause a vagina to have a rusty taste Could this be a sign of a serious health problem?

Tastes sort of like a mouth full of pennies? Are we dating the same chick?

How to Open a Locked Bathroom?

Bathroom doors often have locks for privacy. While this is a good feature when someone is in the bathroom, it is inconvenient when someone accidentally locks the door and closes it as he exits the ... Read More »

How to Open Locked Cars?

So you locked your key in the car accidentally. Wire hangers is how it seems to work in movies, but in reality a wire hanger just doesn't offer enough leverage. This is a step by step guide that sh... Read More »