My JAVA keeps crashing and I cannot use any Java site. PLEASE HELP!?

Answer I always update browser's and Flash Player and lots of other stuff at FileHippo. I updated Java today, and have had no problems: this helps.

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How can you get android software instead java on your java mobile phone please help you out?

Java programming question..Please help!?

Neither person really answered your question about the use of printf(..).An exampledouble x = 17.234578;System.out.printf( "%.2f \n", x );will print17.23and go to the next line because of the \n

Java error 1606 help please?

I have had the same issue with one of my computers. you will have to back up your documents and important files and create a new user. once the new user is created, restore the documents you backed... Read More »

Fields and invariants in java please help?

This site should help:…