My Ipod won't take my music?

Answer Music is wrong format, or your ipod is full

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What do i do if my Ipod's screen wont light up and wont play music?

well what I would do is go and see a specialist on this problem and get them to check it out. If you cant find a specialist search on the web on search engines like google for ways to fix this prob... Read More »

How to Take Music or Video from an iPod?

Sometimes, you may borrow a friends iPod video and you desperately want to put his/her videos on your computer. But because of all the copyright protections that an iPod has, there is one way you c... Read More »

If you have loaded music 2 your computer how do you take it and put it on your ipod?

Answer You will first add it on to itunes by dragging and dropping it then you will sync your ipod

My ipod 5th generation plays music with no ear buds.. but still plays it with earbuds so i have music comin throgh earbuds and iPod at same time how do i stop this and make musci just come thru earbud?

are a audio output device that allows audio to be played from them