My Ipod touch 4th Gen. Broke right when i got a new COMPUTER!?

Answer If your iPod or iDevice breaks, as long as you remember your Apple ID and Password that you used to buy those things, you can just redownload them. You won't have to purchase them again. Just downl... Read More »

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The button on the top right if my iPod touch 4g won't work why When ever I want to turn it off I have to die?

False, you don't have to die whenever you want to turn it off.The button should work fine unless it's broken, and because it's made by apple it will cost $300 to fix it.

IPod touch 4g screen broke and can't listen to anything?

apple doesn't cover accidental damage on their warranty you can go to them and get it fixed for $180 (year ago knowledge probably $160 $170 now) or you can go to phone fix USA and they will repair ... Read More »

What's wrong with my earphones When I bought two new pairs to test only the right earbuds worked for my iPod touch how do I fix it?

How do you right click with an iPod touch?