My IPhone keeps asking me To set up security ?

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How do you remove an old WiFi setting from iPhone I have a network that I can no longer connect to but the iPhone keeps constantly asking me if I want to try to connect.?

settings -> wifi click on the arrow next to the "known" network you want to deleteclick "forget this network"

My MSN keeps asking for flash player?

You have installed the flash player's last version. Websites that ask you for flash player are in error, or someone put in it a bait for phishing, so never click in a link to install anything that'... Read More »

My son keeps asking if he can download limewire is it illegal?

It is bad. This is because:Limewire contains something called Ad ware. This means that Limewire holds all of your details like your name, address, telephone number and even bank details. Once you r... Read More »

Visual Voicemail keeps asking for password?

You could try shutting the phone off, pulling the battery, wait a couple minutes, then put the battery back in and restart your phone and solve the problem. This may/might help. Good luck.