My Hall's Honeysuckle Will Not Bloom?

Answer Hall's honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica "halliana"), a woody, twining vine, is ideal for the gardener looking for a fast-growing plant to quickly hide an unattractive wall or other structure. Growing... Read More »

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Will orchids bloom with Miracle-Gro?

Regular diluted Miracle-Gro might help orchids bloom, but Scotts Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Orchid Food for orchids and other acid-loving plants would be a better choice. Mix and apply according to ... Read More »

Will Monarda Bloom in Its First Year?

Monarda, commonly called bee balm, is a perennial planted for its colorful and unusually shaped blooms as well as its attractiveness to butterflies. The curved petals and color-matched stamens make... Read More »

When will the WILDFLOWER Bloom again ?

Awww.. Thanks Lulu... You are absolutely the best friend ever!!! I wish you could see this huge smile on my face! :) Thanks to James and everyone else who wished me a good time on the trip.. I lov... Read More »