My HP Compaq 6510B Battery Won't Charge?

Answer Laptop owners tend to take certain things for granted, most notably that their battery will charge when plugged in. When this doesn't happen, it ranges between cause for concern and a minor inconve... Read More »

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Specifications for the HP Compaq 6510B?

The HP Compaq 6510b was a notebook PC that the Hewlett-Packard Company released in 2007 through its Compaq subsidiary. The computer was geared toward business users.

How many hours does the compaq nc6000 battery charge for?

How to Update BIOS on the HP Compaq 6510b?

A computer's Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is a small program permanently embedded in the computer's motherboard chipset that provides the computer the instructions it needs to start essential p... Read More »

My Camera battery wont charge?

There could be one of three reasons or a combination of them: 1) The battery charger itself is not putting out enough voltage to recharge the battery; 2) The battery has become defective and will n... Read More »