My HDTV is kinda blurry, question inside......?

Answer When I got my HDTV and hooked it up to the cable I about cried. I was so dissappointed with the picture. Well I called my local cable company and upgraded the the HDTV convertor box. When I saw ... Read More »

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Question on HDTVs. What is EPG and DMA stand for in TV industry Which HDTV is better (details inside)?

follow theses links. they should wxplain everything. hope they help!

Why do all HDTV LCD's seem to look so grainy/blurry?

Garbage in Garbage Out!It's all about quality of source!Before I continue I must say a few words about TV resolution!Old analog sets were 480i ... meaning 480 lines Interlaced ... ie... 240 lines i... Read More »

Why does my new Samsung LCD HDTV look so blurry and grainy?

I have personally installed multiple audio/video products and can tell you that one of two things is wrong here. either the tv is malfunctioning (highly unlikely) or the source resolution does not ... Read More »

Your HDTV is blurry with dish network wht do i need?

We don't have a code for the Play Station. You would need to contact Sony to get a code from them. I have provided the power scan instructions to attempt to locate a code on the remote. Address To... Read More »