My Google Play Store App has disappeared!?

Answer Click on the Android Market app and it will take you through steps to get the play store back,

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I have installed google play store app. but not responding well. how i can resolve it or use google play store?

Blackberry playbook google play store?

what does it mean?it means that android apps are entering the blackberry app worldyou dont have to do anything you would just find them normally in the blackberry app worldmany apps have been porte... Read More »

How do i connect the google play store to a wofi network?

Does your phone's browser connect to WiFi successfully ? If yes then you should not have a problem with Google Play.Just shut down your phone,take out the battery and put it back.Sometimes weird c... Read More »

Android: Google play store no connection retry problem?

I had a similar issue once and it turned out the time on my phone was set wrong - it was set in the future - and it wouldn't connect. Once reset to the proper time it connected.