My GE Range Will Not Heat Past 250 Degrees?

Answer GE ranges are capable of cooking with very low temperatures to very hot temperatures to accommodate a variety of foods, dishes and cooking needs. However, if the oven will not heat past 250 degrees... Read More »

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Am I wrong for telling him to turn down the heat 38 degrees and heat on 75?

I keep it a toasty 68 F, 75 would be too hot for me, but some people like it that way.

How to Convert the Heat Released From 100 Degrees of Steam to Water at a 100 Degrees?

When matter condenses from a gas to a liquid, it releases a certain amount of heat. The exact amount of heat is dictated by two properties of the gas: its mass and its heat of condensation (Hc). ... Read More »

NGK Plug/Heat Range Specifications?

The heat range of a spark plug measures how much heat is generated in the combustion chamber while the engine is running. Gasoline engines need to run somewhere between 500 and 850 degrees centigra... Read More »

What degrees of heat stroke are there?

Heat stroke is a potentially fatal condition characterized by extreme increases in body temperature. It is the most serious degree of a group of heat emergencies that also includes heat cramps and ... Read More »