My Friend was Wondering He has over 3000 subscribers in 4 months how good or bad is this what to do next?

Answer keep doing what hes going and try for a youtube partner ship :)

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What's up with this guy's hair I've been wondering for a few months now?

ROFLMFAO!!he has the same hair dresser as Donald Trump!!

Well ive known this girl for a few months and i talk to her alot, but im just wondering is it stupid that i re?

No it's not. Very normal to like another girl from anywhere else.AJ

Can anyone give me some advice on how to get a good amount of subscribers?

Getting your channel/video's viewed is all about content, presentation and networking. You must then keep 'Growing' your channel and it's audience.To get views you need:a) Good content.And/or: b) G... Read More »

How to Change Pizzatron 3000 into Candytron 3000 on Club Penguin?

On Club Penguin, there is a secret switch that changes regular pizza ingredients to candy ones. This level is called the Candytron 3000. The same rules apply in both versions, however you receive t... Read More »