My Freezer Is Leaking Oil?

Answer Installing a freezer in your home gives you a place to store additional food and a means of preserving it instead of letting it go to waste. Freezers use refrigeration systems that are similar to t... Read More »

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My freezer is leaking into my fridge and comming out the door. what should i do?

got the same problem but i fixed it :) first you but like a paper towel where it is leaking, then call someone to fix it, then if they can't come right away you should keep the paper towel there th... Read More »

My refrigerator is leaking water inside, fridge and freezer still seem to work fine , any ideas how to fix it?

The first guy was right. The drain hole is blocked. You probably spilled an ice tray in the freezer or something. Easy fix is to empty the freezer and unplug for about 4 hours to make sure all ice ... Read More »

Why did our ginger ale not freeze overnight in the freezer but went to a slushy as soon as out of the freezer?

Temperature is important, but so is pressure. Ever notice some recipes that say to boil something for 20 minutes at sea level, and longer at higher altitudes? This is due to pressure differences. T... Read More »

Does a frost-free freezer help with freezer burn?

On One Hand: No, They Don'tFreezer burn occurs when moisture in food turns into water vapor, which basically freeze dries the food. That vapor can freeze to the walls of the freezer, creating frost... Read More »