My Foot is Very sore Help !!!?

Answer When you injure a foot, like a light sprain, you have to stay off of it and soak in foot baths regularly.If you practice walking around barefoot on the lawn you can regain the muscle and ligament s... Read More »

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Sore foot 10 PTs to BA?

Yes, I think the doctor will give him crutches...though maybe not a cast.

My foot is really sore plz help?

It sounds like the muscles of your foot may have an injury or they are just tired from all the running. You need to take some rest, dont put pressure on your feet.

Sore foot, unsure what's wrong!?

You could have a damaged ligament, or fractured bone, or even a nerve problem that is causing it. You really should see a doctor and start with an X-Ray if the pain gets worse.

How to Make a Sore Foot Soak?

"When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts" is an old saying that is so true. Jobs that require a lot of standing or walking, ill-fitting shoes, new shoes or high heels can cause your feet to be s... Read More »