My Email has been hacked, help, what should I do (PLEASE!!)?

Answer HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!Okay, so you can go to the "I forgot my password" thing when you go to sign in and enter all your birthdate, zip code, etc. But other than that, I think that's all you can do.

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I think my computer has been hacked! Please help fast?

well it could be mallware i guess. your gonna have to get acces to the hard drive if you want to know though so pull out your Ethernet so that it cant Connect ot the INTERNET and leak your password... Read More »

What do I do when email has been hacked?

You need to throw these emails in the spam and forget it. Someone is phishing you for your account info.

Has my email been hacked or not?

I can not confirm nor deny that these are spams. If they are from the actual Playstation website, then chance are that these are actual receipts from someone else's transitions. If you have an emai... Read More »

I believe my email has been hacked?

Well first of all you should not have put the password in a million times. By repeating the pass again and again is going to lock the email. You should have tried it a max of 3 times after that cli... Read More »