My Earphones are not working on laptop?

Answer Ummm i have went through a lot of headphones with mp3's and they break real easy. the only thing i can think of is that the headphones are busted or u have them in the wrong plug

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My earphones are not working!?

Sometimes when you fiddle around with the cord it can help. Try buying new headphones, you can het nice, good quality ones for £6 from HMV. If all this doesn't work, try doing something about the ... Read More »

One earphone stopped working (bose in ear earphones)?

that happened to my earphoneswhat happens is inside the cord where you have your ear phones connecting to your ipod, there is a thin wire that can easily brake. it happens if u for example, rap yo... Read More »

Should I buy a new laptop if my old laptop is still working in order?

If your current laptop does everything you want it to... no, I wouldn't upgrade. Why spend all that money?You heard right about laptop graphics cards (no matter what someone else in this thread to... Read More »

Can't Hear Sound Through My Earphones/Headphones On My Laptop?

have you tried to removed the sound card drivers? click on remove, then reboot windows should detect it after boot up. Have you gone into volume and turned it up?I know on the hp at the top, there ... Read More »