My EPSON 3in1 prints blank pages, does anyone know a remedy?

Answer Use it as a door stop. That's the only thing an Epson is good for once it starts doing that.The printheads on Epson printers are very unreliable. And once they go out they cannot be replaced. I rec... Read More »

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My HP Deskjet F4400 prints only blank pages except when I print test pages or alignment pages!!?

Printer prints blank pages?

That is a driver issue. Go to the printers website and download the updated driver. Adobe is very fussy and you should have at least, tell me the model and make. It would have helped in my answer L... Read More »

My printer only prints blank pages!?

A color or photo cartridge has run out of one of the basic colors it mixes together to create the colors in your images. The printer cannot print correctly if it lacks one of the basic colors, even... Read More »

Epson printer prints text with blank line dividing?

That is a classic example of when a printhead nozzle/hole is plugged. You have several nozzles/holes in the printhead that the ink is sprayed out from & when one is plugged/clogged, that is what wi... Read More »