My Dr cut me off oxycodone after about 2 years for?

Answer Hello, My name Is odell6454 I was on oxycodone for 5 years because of chromic pain i have Fibro and CFS I now am on Methadone. my Dr. does pill counts, urine tests etc. You have to follow the rules... Read More »

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What was the series called on BBC about a peacekeeping tank regiment in Kosovo about 10 years ago. I think it was only about 3 episodes?

My ankle still hurts after 2/3 years after sprain.?

You can get rid of this pain in your ankle by physiotherapeutic exercises. You need to get it X-rayed to assess how injured it is, and if surgery is a possible option of treatment.

When can I buy a new home, 2 years after bankruptcy or after the foreclosure?

On One Hand: Credit RepercussionsBoth foreclosures and bankruptcy generally stay on a credit report for at least seven years. In the case of bankruptcy, a credit score can be adversely affected for... Read More »

Does a father have legal rights to care for a child after 16 years of no support after the mother dies?

Answer At 16 it is the childs' choice. The errant father certainly has no legal rights to the child. Answer Laws pertaining to child custody are set by the state in which the minor and his/her cust... Read More »