My Dodge Dakota Ran Out of Gas; I Filled It but Now It Won't Start?

Answer Running out of gas in your Dodge Dakota is bad enough on its own. Sometimes, you can fill the tank again and there will be no lasting ill effects aside from your own irritation. Other times, runnin... Read More »

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My 1998 Dodge Dakota Won't Start?

Three aspects of engine management could cause the 1998 Dodge Dakota to not start. An engine needs fuel and spark to work properly. In addition to the fuel management and ignition systems, a fuel-i... Read More »

2008 Dodge Dakota Vs. 2007 Dodge Dakota?

The 2007 and 2008 Dodge Dakota were two of the model-year entries for the third and last generation of production for this mid-size pickup truck, which lasted from 2005 to 2011. However the 2008 re... Read More »

DIY Repair on Dodge Dakota?

Home repair on a Dodge Dakota, a popular pickup truck, means having the right tools and equipment for the job at hand. Basic and simple car maintenance can be done with a minimum of tools and gear.... Read More »

Dodge Dakota Troubleshooting?

The Dakota has been a staple in the American automobile industry as the first mid-size pickup truck manufactured during the late 1980s. Knowing how to accurately and quickly troubleshoot your Dodge... Read More »