My Diabetes is not controlling?

Answer please go to a neighbourhood physician... and consult him... rather than wasting your time on yahoo answers...

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What You Need To Know About Controlling Your Diabetes Blood Sugar?

You may find the task of changing your eating habits and general lifestyle a lot easier to do if you actually understand what diabetes is. It's a common misconception that only overweight people or... Read More »

Help, im poor and having trouble controlling my diabetes?

Okay, you clearly have discipline issues, but at the same time you also have self-awareness. "I don't eat veggies (I know I should, I just grew up not liking them and still don't)."Eat veggies. T... Read More »

My boyfriend has diabetes and has severe trouble controlling his anger when his sugar is high?

Diabetes screws up EVERYTHING. Not only is feeling bad a real drag, but it DOES affect your "moods". My wife almost divorced me before I was diagnosed.So YES you will always have to deal with thi... Read More »

Why your dish network remote is not controlling your television on and off or volume but is controlling the satellite?

It has probably not been programmed for the particular make and model of TV. Consult the directions.