My Dell pc has a problem?

Answer Sounds like you need to replace your motherboard battery. Type in google "Motherboard Battery" and go into images. Also on google type in how to replace it, it is fairly simple and very cheap. All ... Read More »

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Dell 948 printer problem?

Dell Support… Dell Spare Parts Department (1-877-717-3355) The links below will help you...… Read More »

WiFi on Dell laptop problem, please help ..?

May be you have reserved the number of IPs that are allowed. Increase them to four. If that doesn't help , then reserve the address (MAC) for all the WIFI laptops in the house and in use.Or simply ... Read More »

Dell XPS X5 shutdown problem!(need help ASAP)?

1. Next time, if you have 2 problems, make 2 posts. Some people may not know how to fix the title one but can fix the other in a second.Apparently the hanging OS shutdown is an OS problem, I just k... Read More »

I have a problem with my Dell PC. all of a sudden the image on the display is sideways. how do i fix?

hit control alt and 8 (the one one the right side of your keyboard with an arrow on the same key ) all at the same time