My DENTIST kissed me, "What should I do"?

Answer You should give him a "slap" to his face!You should stop seeing this dentist. Change your dentist.

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My friend likes my brother who already has a girlfriend and one day she came to my house and kissed him and she lied about it and i found out threw my best friend what should i do?

Leave her. If she really cared about your friendship, she wouldn't have done something like that could potentially ruin it.

What courses should you take to become a dentist?

Answerbiology, chemistry, physics, mathAnd the key is to get into Dental school so you can get a license. Anatomy & Physiology, AP Physics, Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, physics, nu... Read More »

I'm afraid of going to dentist. What should I do to kill the fear?

Find a dentist that caters to cowards...and be up front about your fears. A good dentist will take the time and extra measures to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. I too was terrified of the ... Read More »

If someone is 19 and scared of the dentist but he knows he need braces what should he do?

Answer Be a brave man. Braces aren't going to hurt much. Now, getting teeth surgically removed, is another story. Answer Get two other orthodontists look at you, and try to not have teeth pulled. A... Read More »