My Cucumbers Are Not Germinating?

Answer Cucumbers grow in home gardens and pots around the country, with maturity dates quick enough for even cold areas. These plants must grow in the right seasons, though, and with the right soil and li... Read More »

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Do germinating seeds go through cellular respiration?

Germinating seeds use energy to germinate, and cellular respiration is the use of energy stored as glucose. Aerobic respiration ads oxygen to the stored glucose. Thus, germinating seeds do go throu... Read More »

Science Projects for Germinating Beans?

Science experiments for germinating beans will give quick results and can be done by even young children. Soak the beans overnight first, since they will grow faster if soaked. Then place the beans... Read More »

Can you stop germinating a vegetable seed after an hour or so?

When you say germinate, did you plant them in the ground or youre starting them in a damp paper towel? I would see how soft the seeds have gotten thus far and if they still feel hard pack them back... Read More »

How to Fry Cucumbers?

Who doesn't like the taste of fried food? There are so many things that we can fry including vegetables like cucumbers and it's simple. Just follow these steps.